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What is Cephalic Index in Cats and Dogs?

What is Cephalic Index in Dogs and Cats?

Mesaticephalic Brachycephalic Dolichocephalic

What is Cephalic Index in Dogs and Cats?

A Cephalic Index is a relationship between width and length of the skull. Breeds with equal cranial width and length are called Mesaticephalic e.g. Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniel. Breeds with cranial widths greater than lengths are referred to as Brachycephalic e.g. Boston terrier, Pugs. Breeds with cranial lengths greater than width are referred to as Dolichocephalic.

Why is Cephalic Index important?

Cephalic Index helps veterinary compounding pharmacists to determine drug effects in Felines and Canines. For example Mesaticephalic are most like humans in terms of drug effects on cephalic anatomy. Brachycephalic breeds are more susceptible to airway obstruction and adverse effects of drugs that cause respiratory depression. They also have more difficulty cooling themselves by panting. Hence drugs that increase body temperature and decrease respiratory depression must be used with caution. Dolichocephalic breeds have keener olfactory ability so they are more likely to reject unpalatable medications or get into your medicine cabinet and unintentionally ingest flavored medications.

Our compounding pharmacists at San Jose Compounding Pharmacy are C4 Veterinary Certified and specifically trained to note weight and breed of species on their prescription orders to custom compound medications and counsel pet owners of these differences.

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